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Tips for Your Transmission This Summer

Summers in Texas can be fun, but they can also be dreadful and hot! Before you start planning your road trips to the beach, you need to make sure your car can handle the heat. There are many things you can do for your car that can help make sure you can get to your destination and back without any problems.

A lot of people worry about their cars breaking down on them during cold winter months because the car needs to warm up. However, during hot summer months, rising temperatures can also lead to car troubles.


What will affect your transmission this summer?

Many things can affect your transmission, but during the summer, our cars might experience something new and heavy. For example, many people like to take out the boat, jet skis, 4-wheelers, horses, or other heavy cargo that must be towed on a heavy trailer. All this weight can be hard on the transmission. This is why it’s best to check your transmission fluid before you head out for all the fun in the sun. Don’t wait until the day of. The transmission is a huge part of your vehicle, so plan ahead. Don’t wait to check until an hour before your departure time.

Carrying heavy loads isn’t the only problem your car has to go through. Driving hard can also age transmissions quickly during these hot months. There are many ways this can happen:

  • Driving Through Hilly Areas
  • Driving Through Mountains
  • Hitting Stop-and-Go Traffic Frequently
  • Driving Through Hot Weather
  • Rocking the Car (Through Mud or Snow)
  • Stopping and Starting Quickly


How can I help my transmission?

Normally, transmission fluid only needs to be flushed over 100,000 miles, but it varies from car to car. Check your owner’s manual to see how often your fluid needs to be changed. Your driving habits can also impact how often you need to change it, along with the kind of terrain you usually drive through. Avoid towing on overdrive whenever you can because it can burn up the transmission.

You don’t even have to take your car into the shop to have your transmission fluid checked. You can check it yourself right at home! Make sure your fluid is clear and red. If it looks dark or smells burnt, it needs to be flushed as soon as possible.

The summer provides an easier opportunity for your car to overheat. Ensure that the coolant levels are at the right levels to avoid overheating. If the temperature is above 100 degrees, you may want to avoid driving if you can.

Keep a lookout for the obvious signs that something may be wrong: slipping gears, strange noises coming from the engine, or a fluid leak. If you notice any of these signs, bring your car into a professional as soon as possible – before things get worse. Transmissions are very complex, and a auto repair shop specializing in transmissions is your go-to choice for transmission repair.


What can I do to protect my car from the heat?

Now that you know how to protect your transmission during the summer, you should also know how to keep your car healthy overall – since it does support the transmission! Follow these summer vehicle tips to keep your ride running right, staying cool, and conquering the miles ahead.

  • Check fluids regularly and keep them topped off
  • Clean any battery corrosion
  • Ensure the gas cap is always tight and secure
  • Check air filters and cabin filters and replace them when dirty
  • Add a vinyl protection to dashboards and inside doors
  • Purchase a sunshield to protect the interior and keep the car cool
  • Let the engine warm up before you drive off
  • Park under trees or shade when you can
  • Drive easy
  • Crack windows or roll them down about an inch when you park
  • Roll your windows down when you start your car to let the heat out
  • Pack light before long trips
  • Make sure all the lights are working properly
  • Have wheels rotated, balanced, and aligned
  • Check tire wear and pressure
  • Check hoses and belts for cracks and frays


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